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Yup, deleted

Skyblock Suggestion 19 days ago

Duplication and Wind will be disregarded. AutoSmelt and XPFortune have made the cut.

Changelog 5: 25/02/19 about 1 month ago
You can now link your Minecraft and Discord accounts together! Doing so will let you get your in-game rank as a role and there will be other benefits for linked users in the future! Use /linkdiscord in-game to link your accounts!
New command for Guardian rank and up, /sit! Sit almost anywhere!
You no longer must always face a straight up ban if you do something wrong. Tempbans are now added.
You can now request your friends to teleport to you! Use /tpahere <player /> to ask someone to teleport to you. Credit Tumuerte to for making this suggestion

Feature already in progress, but vastly different.