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Hey, I cant seem to edit them onto my old application, so I'm gonna put em here. Sorry, I dont really know know to work this.


What’s is your discord? Freedom_Seeker#5440

Your IGN? Freedom_Seeker

Your Age? 15

Build Samples? (this is all I have right now, let me know if you need more)



Have you been a builder on any other servers? No

What would make you better than any other applicant? Ok, I'm just gonna be honest. My schedule is all over the place and I am not available on command, I am also a bit of a slow worker. But if you're ok with all this you should know that I am a hard worker who is persistent until I have made something I am proud of. I also can take criticism and will always listen to the ideas of others. I have been playing minecraft since I was around 8 and I have been on OG Duff for over a year. I know this community well, and I want to do nothing more than please my fellow players.

Tell us about YOU. I dunno if ypu mean personally or what, but I guess I'm an creative person who is a massive geek (big surpise, right?). I am very passionate about my interests and I'd like to think of myself as a intelligent individual. I am also one who would rather forge a friendship than start a fight.

p.s. Sorry if this is bad, this is my second time filling this out (I accidentally wiped all my previous progress, so I'm just trying to crank this out real quick). Sorry for any spelling or gramar mishaps or if my builds are bad. I hope I didn't waste your time :)