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Hopper Upgrades to Skyblock about 1 month ago

Hello, my suggestion would be an upgrade to upgrade the hopper limit on your island if possible. Or even make upgradeable hoppers like og does. 


Thank you you and have a nice day!

There’s blocks???? The first one to the left. The grass block??

Skyblock Suggestion 5 months ago

There should be custom enchants like:

AutoSmelt - Automaticaly smelts the ore for you

XPFortune - Has a very small chance that it gives you more XP than you normally would if you didn't have this

Wind - Put on your boots to have Jump Boost, and Speed

Duplication - Has a very small chance of duping any blocks you have mined

This probably would be a lot to code in but it would be awesome! Thank you for reading my suggestion. I hope to see it in the server if possible!

Thank you and have a nice day!

Suggestion 6 months ago

Hello, so when I was looking for spider eyes I was thinking wouldn't the shop have any?

So you can you add Spider Eyes, Wet/Dry Sponges to /warp shop if possible?

Thank you and have a nice day!

Suggestion 6 months ago
Hello, you should add a /tpahere command and more giveaways if possible.